Monday, September 29, 2014

Untitled (29 Sep 2014)

doros and windows of wood and glass,
walls strong of stone,
wires strewn all about,
haphazardly naturally grown.

teams of strangers now all friends
built the hub ad hoc,
lights and food and dispensaries;
you'll be protected on this block.

we're needing one more feature,
one more farm on the chain,
one more daisied on the clock,
but lag is a bane.

a book factory on the block,
from pulp to binding full,
ready for words and lines,
to magic up a tool.

I tether it to the lightswitch,
churning as you shut the door
when you anticipate lag the most,
it gets busy below the floor.

three step harvester trims the cane,
cuts the stalks down to size,
sends the bowes down the row
for a'noter machine's try.

the pulper takes the cane,
turns to paste, then to page,
next a filter from the cow farm,
brings stock for the next stage.

a binder wraps the paper
in recycled cowskin cover,
to protect from the elements
so knowledge can be recovered.

all sent down to the printer
where you can sign your name,
convert experience into words,
giving room for more of the same.

29 Sep 2014, 1017

dream, lucid, minecraft, rhyme, ABCB, machine, book, magic, community, friends, handwritten, SMP, survival multiplayer

Original, flash
Original, no flash

Transcription: 11 Dec 2018

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